I couldn’t deny the emotions I felt when I visited the Ground Zero when I was in NYC…thirteen years today.

Sep 11 2:27

When I got home from work, I texted A requesting for a brunch whenever I wake up…and he woke me up with these!!! Seriously can’t remember the last time I had a home-cooked brunch this big. I wish he’d do it every Sundays lol. He’s the best :)

Sep 8 2:17 ( 4 )

Look what I found in Walmart! I found Nutella and Go when I was in NYC and I feel so regretful for not taking home a handful of those. When I made a trip to Walmart, there they are…a little pricey though but I’m pretty sure not for long!

Sep 8 0:57
Sep 5 16:31 ( 1 )

So since I just got back from Holidays- I wouldn’t say it was ‘expensive’ and that I am broke, but I need to get back on track with my finances. Here I already have my budget laid out until the end of this year, and hopefully everything else follows through. I am actually ‘proud’ of myself for not going overboard with my shopping budget for New York, cause I did not have the time and energy to shop til I drop. Lol. Anyways…

Sep 2 19:37 ( 1 )

Started a charm bracelet from Pandora. My first charms are the “A” initial- open to interpretations- can be Arnel or my Mom’s (Ana) or my family name (Acosta) or can be one of my exes’ initial (hahah!!! totes a joke- Arnel I hope you read this) and something from New York. I paid waaaaaay more than I was planning to spend on it but I just can’t say no in the end after the associate spent twenty minutes with me on this. Anyway I am happy and it makes me smile every time I look at it :)

Sep 1 23:30

That moment when I “sort of” forgot I turned 23 last week. It’s crazy- when you’re on vacay, nothing seems to matter. But it’s just starting to sink in right now. Hory shet!

Sep 1 23:22 ( 1 )

I was looking at the post I made when were off to NYC, and I said ‘Photo Spam is about to ensue’ but I ended up posting just one photo. Haha…I just got back yesterday- slept from 7 pm - 8:30 am this morning and I feel so refreshed. NYC was amazing, but the days were long and hectic. I woke up and my boyfriend was nowhere to be found- he probably went straight fishing lol. I uploaded pictures on Facebook, if you’re interested, I made it public and can be viewed here. I feel a bit emotional right now thinking it’s all over, but I smile as I look back in the photos as this is one of the best trips I’ve ever (if not, I’ll ever) take in my life. Will definitely go back in the right time, with the right shoes this time. Haha.

And now, I’m going to start binge-watching my Filipino shows. lol

Aug 31 15:24
Aug 26 2:34 ( 1 )

Photo spam is about to ensue. You’ve been warned! xx

Aug 25 11:16

PiYo Week 2/8.

Second week of loving this program! The only new workout this week is Core, which is not bad- since this week was the first time I did the workout, I am cutting myself some slack. I do wish there is a mirror in our bedroom so I can see if my form is good and whatnot. It’s tickles me to see the improvement in my flexibility in just a couple weeks, and I am hoping by the time the month is over, I would be more flexible than ever. 

I do the Define: Upper and Lower body at the same day, although per the schedule they should be two separate days. I just feel like I get the job done better that way. 


  • Waist ~ 26 in
  • Abdomen ~  31.5 in
  • Arm ~ 10.5 in
  • Thigh ~ 20 in

Will take a week off from the Program and will resume the week after that. Also, Beach Body has a sale going on right now, and I bought a three-month program for $39.99. All set for this year!

Aug 24 13:36 ( 1 )

Somebody needs to remind me I’m only going to be away for 5 days…

Aug 23 20:35 ( 2 )

I was going to get eyelash extensions yesterday, but due to lack of time, I decided not to. Just thought I’d just purchase a $12 set of falsies in Walmart and stick to my normal eyelash routine. Love these lashes- I had a pair in my May (I guess) Ipsy and loving it a lot. At first, falsies feel uncomfortable because of the glue and all, but I guess it should feel okay after sometime. Also, I’m not ready to spend $160 for something that will fall apart eventually lol. Although I have been dying to try to have eyelash extensions! Oh wells…

Aug 23 20:14

Day one of packing! Gonna be florals/laces/mints/snake skins this week. Really excited to wear these stuff cause most of these are the clothing I bought over a year ago and never got the chance to wear them.

Aug 23 0:48 ( 2 )

In a dire need for a reading material for tonight’s shift- so I bought this book Attachments by Rainbow Rowell in the [only] book store here in town. I know, this is $4 more…yes, there is a stain in the cover from god-knows-where…and I know that I just read a Rainbow Rowell piece last week. But this looks so interesting as hell. So! I hope I don’t finish it in less than 8 hours! Lol.

Aug 22 18:01 ( 1 )